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After Sale Service Instrution


一、Warrantee condition and time

1 、Warrantee time for ZHONGDA equipment is one year, except irresistible factors and results caused by violating operation regulation. 

二、Acceptance and service

1 、Customer should assign inspector to our factory to inspect the machine quality and related accessories before delivery.
2 、When the equipment arrives customers factory, we would assign free technician to install and test the machine. Furthermore, we would train related operator in customers factory for one week until the machine could make fine quality shoe or sole products.
3 、If the machine is bought for producing shoe products, we could assign shoe-making technician to settle related problems.
4 、For exported equipments, we would assign technician abroad for installment, testing and training work. But the cost of air tickets, accomendation and traffic are to be paid by buyer.


1 、When equipment arrives customers' factory, we would assign technician to install and test the equipment. Furthermore, our technician would offer a short term training for customer's operator until the operator can operate the equipment for daily production.
2 、For customers who already paid for the equipment, if their equipments are of high technical content equipment or they rarely know the operation of the equipments, we could take their operators to production line for two-week study. During the study, all cost are to be paid by themselves.

3 、Chinese or English operation mannual.


四、Repair kits and parts

1 、All our machines are delivered with a few repair kits and parts.
2 、During the warrantee time, if the kits or parts have quality problem, we are responsible for replacing them. If the damage is caused by wrong operation, we would offer payable repair service and parts or kits.
3 、If customer needs to buy kits or parts, he should send fax to our company to list the part name, specification, quantity in advance and related company name, address, contactor as well. Parts and kits are to be delivered after we receive payment.


五、After sale service

1 、In areas where we have agencies, they offer 24hr service.
2 、In areas where we don't have agencies, the serive way is as follows:
A 、By Telephone: 0577-66501107 to settle related problems.
B 、By fax: 0577-65191876, for inquiries about technics.
C 、We assign technician for on spot service.


六、Other technology support and added value service.

1 、To discuss with customers to settle the direct pouring process for shoe production tehnology.
2 、To introduce the sole and shoe mould factory.
3 、To discuss with customer about the last technology in shoe production.
4 、To discuss with customer about other shoe machine factory.
5 、To discuss with customer about the transportation procedure of shoe parts and raw material.


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